Sick Edda –

Edda found herself with a 38.5 C fever today – so it has been a day of Motrin, cuddles and TV. No school, no occupational therapy – just pacing the well worn carpet in front of the TV with frequent breaks to sit on the couch and just lounge in pajamas all day.  She was happy and smiling when the Motrin was in effect, but when it wore off, she looked a worn out and tired.  Still, she ate well and was in good spirits.

I’m glad she was well enough to spend the weekend happy and unsick with Jeremy’s parents. They were in town to see us over the long Columbus Day weekend – and we had a weekend packed of movie going, concert hearing and restaurant eating. And, I suppose unfortunately for Vince, a weekend of music practicing.

I have recently jump started Vince’s violin practice schedule (gotta whip out my best Asian mom impression) and we have been making good progress. Bob brought his cello to complete our little trio – Vince on violin, me on piano and Bob on cello.  Below is a snapshot of Vince, Bob and Kelly (Vince’s violin teacher) playing a trio at his lesson on Sunday.


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