Studying anatomy.

This is Maxi’s best friend in the ‘hood – Toby. Toby is French – a Bouvier des Fandres and is always up for romping!


I’m working hard and studying for my anatomy test tomorrow – all about muscle groups – been looking at a lot of cadaver youtube videos (which always makes me want to throw up into my mouth a little). I realized a few weeks ago that I could start nursing school in the fall of 2013 which is sooner than I thought possible, so I’m trying to pull together my application in the next month which on top of working/the holidays/and the ever growing pile of laundry, seems a little like doing magic tricks.

Of course, I have been procrastinating and yearning to go to this magic show in NYC:


I am still listening non-stop to Christmas music during the day. Are my spirits lifted? I think so. I’m almost enjoying gift shopping and it’s even nicer that I can shop while sitting in my house and therefore procrastinate on the 10,000 other things I should be doing like working, cleaning or studying.

I have declared unilateral command of the gift purchasing this year. As Jeremy doesn’t like to buy gifts until the 22nd, so I decided that I was going to buy all the gifts this year early (like this week) and not even bring Jeremy into it all until later. Of course, it ends up that I bought Vince something that Jeremy already owns. But whatever, that’s what Vince is getting. So there.


Very exciting Thanksgiving.

Jeremy cut the turkey in half!  What is happening?

There is no true Thanksgiving without a marital argument. Jeremy and I always partake of this annual tradition by getting mad at each other on Thanksgiving morning, mere hours before folks descended to our house. Of course, the argument was over cranberry sauce, and as we are having this argument we are kind of laughing at each other saying that this is the start of our annual holiday argument. It has resolved by now, thank goodness.

Other than our little tiff, Thanksgiving was wonderful. Reinforced our impression that it is Edda’s favorite holiday. I’ve never seen her so happy eating so much food and she went to bed with the largest smile I’ve seen in a while. We are so lucky she eats so well and grows so well, really a huge blessing.

Donald introduced all of us to his girlfriend Annie and with Annie came her sister, Judy and Judy’s funny and kind boyfriend, Yancy. Oh yes, and their Rhodesian ridge back puppy!


Long noodles

I have been reading with interest the reviews of Andrew Solomon’s book, Far from the Tree. The book is about “horizontal” children – children that are so different from their parents that instead of a vertical passing of similar characteristics, they are horizontal from their parents and live in a world completely different from what their parents are used to. I suppose I count Edda as my own horizontal child. He interviewed many, many families with horizontal children and the book has been getting favorable reviews. I will read it when I get a chance to – probably in a few years knowing the rate at which I read books. When it does get to the top of my list, I’m hoping that I will find it more interesting than the Noonday Demon, which also had a very personal topic, but I found not very interesting to read.

I am really a Scrooge for the holidays, I’m trying to be in a better mood by listening to the Pandora Christmas channel all day. Thanksgiving was lovely, lots of food which started with long noodles on the 21st for my mother’s birthday.



Vincent loves to have fun.

Yesterday, Vince and I limped through an hour-long violin practice session. It really should have been 30 minutes, I don’t have the time everyday to sit there for an hour negotiating with him the merits of counting or bowing. Tears on one side, exasperation on the other side. I have been slowly ramping up my expectations of Vince, with schoolwork and chores and violin practicing. It is not fun for either of us. Vince loves having fun and doing stuff that he has to do is not fun.


Here he is with a pal, testing out different flavors of smelly pencils.


Holiday season

I forget every year that I am the Scrooge every year. Jeremy privately pulled Vince aside last night and told him to give me some slack because I don’t like Christmas and that I get grouchy this time of year. Every year, I try to be cheerful and often fail. Yes, there are many things that I am thankful for, but at the end of the year, I always think about the people I miss, the relationships that are not perfect, the goals that I haven’t met, etc. etc.

Should I start a gratitude journal? Maybe – we’ll see.

OK, so I have a gratitude. After years of not falling, Edda fell twice flat backwards in the past few days – once on Saturday (in front of a house full of guests) and once yesterday at school. I am grateful that Edda seems fine, although the spot where she always hits is permanently hairless. I am grateful that she had her helmet on for one of the falls, and I am grateful that I can go and afford to buy another stronger helmet if I think I need to. (OK – this grateful entry is still a little scrooge-like. i can’t help it.)


Donations for Emma –

In case any of my thirteen blog readers would like to donate some funds to Emma’s family, here is the info:

There has been a fund set up at BB&T bank in memory of precious Emma, to assist Beth and Sean with funeral costs and medical bills. If you want to donate, you can make a check payable to “The Emma Claire Reilly
Memorial Fund” and mail to the BB&T bank branch in Mt. Airy.

The address is:
443 E. Ridgeville Blvd.
Mount Airy, MD 21771

If you would prefer to donate via Paypal instead, please login into your account and send money to the following email address: After denoting your amount, please click the tab “Personal” and click on “Gift.” This way, Paypal will not deduct any fees from the money.

Here’s a photo of Edda and Emma at a picnic in 2010 – you guys know Edda – Emma is sitting on her mama’s lap (look for the mama in the blue skirt)