Nursing school started last week. I’m one of only two students (out of 50) going part time, so I’m not doing the “typical” class rotation – so no clinical this term, no patient assessment this term either – just 2 classes, straight up lectures. Even though I have my scrubs and my stethoscope – I’m not doing anything besides classroom work. I’m a little bit unnerved by the prep that the other students have done, I’m only on the third class, but it seems like everyone else well prepared and I’m, well, kind of not that well prepared. Not only are there classes Monday, Tuesday and Wed, but there are also recitation sections as well. I’ve very rarely had good experiences with recitation sections, so I’m going to go the first week and see if they are informative and then probably go it alone from there.

School is 2.5 miles from the house and classes will be held in the late afternoon and as the fall turns into winter, it’ll get dark – so Jeremy made me some kick-ass bike lights.


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  1. Oh puhleeze how many nursing students went to MIT?(BTW-Josh has an interview and tour there in October).
    I bet you rock that stehescope like Jeremy rocks those lights. Which are awesome!

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