Homework continues.


Some Chinese homework.


Yesterday, Vince ran face first into a metal pole at soccer practice.  I got a tearful phone call when it happened and that he was going to come home early from practice.  When he got home, I checked his teeth, his eyes and his head.  I felt a bump on his forehead and felt it and asked if it hurt when I touched it.  He said that that wasn’t from the metal pole, it was from when he hit his head on the doorknob of the bathroom door when he needed to pee in the middle of the night.


My half-marathon on Sunday is cancelled because of the government shutdown.  Apparently it runs along GW parkway which is a National Park which is closed.  It’s been postponed until November 10, but I’ve been training so hard, I’m not sure I can keep this up for another month.

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  1. I recognize some Chinese characters you are practicing! And I love Vince's stories. Love our boys 😀 and hugs to us moms who have to wonder what in the world they must be thinking every day. <3

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