Fitting it all in.


Someday I will tire of using these photo filters on flickr, but right now they amuse me.  It’s been beautiful these past few days – especially Monday when the temps flirted with the 70s.  Ruby certainly enjoyed her mid-day walk.

I went to a few study sessions at school today – normally I skip these in favor of doing my regular job which – you know – pays my mortgage, but there is an exam tomorrow which I needed some insight on, so I went to the study sessions and now I’m skipping class to get back to work in a few minutes. 

I am trying to juggle a lot of things and when I actually say them all aloud to interested parties, it seems really crazy – but I’ll let you in on my secret – I’ve really lowered my standards.  So I’m not doing as well as I’d like in school, nor am I meeting my usual production levels at work, nor am I micromanaging my children’s social and academic life and the laundry is never folded (although it might never have been folded promptly even when I was doing much less) and so everything is a little at loose ends. 

I’m really looking forward to Dec 15 when the semester is over and I’ll get 3-4 weeks of downtime. 


Look at this handwriting!  So beautiful.  I’m a little jealous.


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