Reading together.


Vince is reading The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle for English class (his edition has a picture of a wind-swept girl looking wistfully off into the distance on the front cover which I don’t think makes it very inspiring for middle-school-aged boys to read the book). We’ve taken to reading the books he’s been assigned with him to help out with the tricky words and to work through some sentences he may not understand, he’s not the quickest reader and he has a touch of dyslexia – same as Jeremy.   I did this for him for his previous book – Tuck Everlasting.  Jeremy’s taken over for this book.  He’s a little behind on the reading (isn’t everyone always behind on the reading?) so this photo was taken at 9:45 pm, far past his regular bedtime.


Girls make the best engineers.  After a lifetime of being in male-dominated classrooms, it’s quite an experience to be in nursing school. 

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