Plumbing Work in Our Basement for the Bathroom of the Master Bedroom

Above pictures are the plumbing work in our basement.  After pulling concrete with meshed wires back on, I will start to work on framing part, electrical work, ducts as well as those hot & cold water pipes.  Hopefully, the master bedroom with a private bath will be ready for next Winter.

20 thoughts on “Plumbing Work in Our Basement for the Bathroom of the Master Bedroom”

  1. Adding a bathroom in the basement will actually improve the living area, but it is a bit tedious task as basement is a below ground space. Those basements that have the sewer lines just below it is easy to install plumbing appliances in a normal way. Always use effective plumbing supplies and when we were installing the bathroom in the basement we have used plumbing products from southcoastsales. When you dig up the foundation, then there are risks of leak, so always call a professional plumber. When basement is not built above the sewer leaks, then up-flushing system or sewage ejector system is to be used.

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