Dad and his new smart phone.

Dad got a job in Oak Ridge, TN – so he cut his Florida vacation short (leaving my mom with her pals) and came home to pack and see us before he drove to Tennessee. He came over a few times for dinner, we fed him and packed lunches for him. We made fun of his dumb phone. Vince used his phone to talk to my mom. Vince said his favorite phrase in Chinese (he started this year in school) which roughly translates into “I’m sorry, my Chinese is really lame.” to which my mother answered in a torrent of excited and rapid Chinese and then Vince laughs and laughs and says “I’m sorry, my Chinese is really lame.” again.

Dad is going to spend 6 months in a hotel room (an effort to maximize the per diem payout) so he wanted a hotspot for internet connection. We looked into the prices and plans and just decided to get him a smart phone (actually we wiped Jeremy’s cell phone and gave it to him). Now we are getting emails from him declaring “I’m sending you an email from Sonic! I’m sending you an email from my phone!”

One thought on “Dad and his new smart phone.”

  1. Yes, I spent times to learn how to operate a smart phone.

    It is cool and I may swat it with Mom phone which has no contract terms and Mom can use mine. In other words, we just swap the phone number and phons.

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