Katherine was in town this past weekend.  She was here to join the Cowboy and Indian Alliance’s protest against the Keystone Pipeline.  She’s learning to play the ukelele. The house is a little bit crowded these days.  Seth and Christine and their two kids have moved into the basement as their house gets renovated.  They’ll be here about two months.  Since they are occupying the usual “guest” quarters, we moved Edda into our room and then Kiki stayed in Edda’s room.  We are going to have a number of guests the next two months, so it’ll be a bit of musical beds.

2 thoughts on “Ukelele.”

  1. Josh got a uke for his birthday and plays pretty well. It is really fun to listen to in the eveings. The internet has been a great teacher for him. Though I will draw the line at "tiny bubbles". How's the raid treating you guys?

  2. The rain? It was a deludge, but nothing flooded in the house. So it was OK for us. Streets in Baltimore did collapse though

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