An Interesting Observation by a Stranger

Last weekend, I pulled my car into a local garage for A/C maintenance.  Sitting in the customer’s waiting room with me was an Afro-American man in his 50s.  Just two of us there for a long while.

Then, he started to tell me that the world isn’t fair.  A lot of homeless people are neglected and their social assistance budgets have been cut dramatically.  In light of most homeless people have mental problems, that make them much more miserable and venerable too.  A lot of people, he said, on the surface, would like to help the poor.  But, actually, they make their careers out of poor people.  More poor people is better for them.  Perpetual poor is the best.

Then he began to tell me about his observation on the gun violence in our junior high and high schools.  He said once a kid starts some problems which most kids do. No spanking is allowed.  No other disciplinary actions can be taken and, above all, no one would like to spend the time to deal with the situations. Therefore, using medicine (drugs) to calm down problem kids is our common practice.  It is the easiest and least controversial way to deal with problems.  And it works instantaneously.  When those kids are young, it is okay.  But, when they grow up, by nature of growing-up, they refuse to take medicine any more.  Besides, no one can tell us for sure, what are the long effects of taking those medicines.  Then the withdraw symptoms affect them profoundly. Therefore, we see all those tragedies happened in our schools.

He thinks that physical punishment is better than medicines so long as it doesn’t go too far.  Moderate spanking itself won’t have lasting effects but medicine will, he argued.

Well, I think it is pretty interesting observation though I am far from 100% agreeing with him.  But, nevertheless, it is quite interesting.

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