Oak Ridge, TN & Toilet Tank Size

Oak Ridge, TN has one of our Nation’s top labs.  Yet, it seems to me, these Federal supports don’t translate into its wealth.  I guess, the majority of people work here probably stay in Knoxville instead.  Knoxville is very close to here.  But, even at Knoxville, the in-bound and out-bound air traffic are pretty limited.  Sometimes, the air ticket from here to Washington DC is more expensive that for the cross country.

People here are nice and very friendly.  But, social fabrics here is quite different than those in Washington DC.  The money here is much, much useful than those in Washington DC.  And there is no production work in Washington DC,  Here, at least, we produce materials for the security of our nation.  All Washington does is solely paper work and re-distributes the wealth of our nation. Of course, it retains the best part for herself first and then distributes the remaining parts to those people being taxed to its limits.

I heard the other day, someone gets an outrageous university speaking fee which probably is many times more than the average people earned yearly.  How true it is that as Ronald Reagan said “Government is the problem, not the solution”

Big government is even worse.  Big means that it digs in deeper to our daily activities.  It treats its citizens as uninformed masses.  It legislates everything possible.  It regulates our water heater with an extra expansion tank.  As far as I can tell, the old one without expansion tank is just working fun.  But, certainly, it is less safer than the new one – theoretically.  But, the installation cost is double.  What if I just don’t have the money to do it.

Believe me or not, it even regulates our toilet tank size.  With smaller size, I flush at least three times more than the grand old one – much bigger yet just flush once.  In the end, which one actually saves water?

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