44th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, it was quiet time to celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary – had a simple restaurant dinner together, baked, sliced and enjoyed our candles-less anniversary cake (an orange cake) quietly – also, laying the radon pipes for the addition, installing a medicine cabinet for Rena’s bedroom, buying a large bag of pot soils.  And, Rena, as usual, was busy watering, tending and harvesting her veggies.

All these years, luckily with Rena by my side, we just like most families which have had many ups and downs.  But, in general, our lives are pretty normal and typical which is good, I think.

Best of all, we are relatively healthy and that is is a huge blessing.  It is also nice to know that Doris and Donald are on their own.  And to watch Vincent & Edda grow without shouldering any burden of “education” is also very enjoyable.  It short, it is nice to be a healthy grand mom and grand pa.  To be a mom and pa, sometimes, can be very difficult 🙂

Happy Anniversary!

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