This is it. The vacation recap.

I now know that I could never be a person who travels extensively for work. The jet lag, even coming from just the west coast, just kills me for days. Only Edda has rebounded nicely from the time change. She was extremely pleased with herself at 4 am this morning and indicated this by laughing loudly and repeatedly standing on the floor next to her bed and then sitting on my sleeping head, but the rest of us are forcing ourselves awake an hour earlier every day to meet the 7 am School Is Starting! deadline on Monday morning.

I’m procrastinating by going through the vacation photos.  Somehow the need to clean the house doesn’t inspire getting up from this chair.  Here we go!

First, Vince and Edda flew us to Seattle in a very old Boeing plane.

Took the cars across a body of water on a ferry.  It was windy.  Seattle did live up to it’s cloudy reputation.  I don’t think you see the sun in any of these photos – but cloudy days make the best photos!

We stayed in a number of places with beautiful lodges in the Olympic National Park.  The common areas were quite beautiful.  The rooms that we stayed in were very basic (no TV, no Internet).


We managed to find BBQ in Forks, WA to have a picnic lunch.  Forks, we learned, is the setting for the Twilight series.

Ruby beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Lake Quinault where my mother found blackberries next to the hiking trail.

All of us at the foot of the world’s largest sitka spruce.

Everything was so green.  Love the green.

Walking near Mt. Rainier.

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