Ms. Maureen.  Edda’s 5th grade teacher.  We love Ms. Maureen and had a nice chat with her at back-to-school night.  Edda’s been doing well with holding her fork full of pancakes and bringing it to her mouth.  Thank goodness for school, they make Edda do all the things we are too impatient to do at home.  We are lazy and just feed her ourselves – just waiting for her little mouth to open like a bird.   One day during gym, she decided that she was done and had had enough so she whirled around and she went up three steps by herself while holding onto the railing to exit the room.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her clear more than one step.  We also discussed holding Edda back a year – she’s in 5th grade now and technically would move onto middle school next year, but it’d be fun to be in Ms. Maureen’s class one more year.

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