2nd Thanksgiving.

Because we didn’t have a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving with Nat and also because Jeremy wanted a Thanksgiving where he was in charge of the WHOLE menu, we had 2nd Thanksgiving on Tuesday night.

Vince has been teaching us about “hand hugs” for the past few weeks.  A hand hug is where you both take you right (or left) hands and place them palms together and gently wrap thumbs around the other person’s hand giving a little squeeze so your hands “hug” each other.

I thought he made this up himself – or at least his pals made this up.  But I sitting in the hallway right before an exam on Monday and I saw some 20 year olds give each other the “hand hug” for good luck right before the exam.  I guess it’s been around for a while and I just didn’t know about it.

Jeremy did not make the whole turkey again.  He just made a turkey breast.  He also didn’t have mashed potatoes – the only starch was stuffing.

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