Eyes. Vest. Good night.


We got our eyes checked at Costco a few days before Thanksgiving.  Both of us have noticed our prescriptions changing.  Our eyes are old and tired.

Jeremy got his eyes dialated.  I did not so I could drive us home.  Jeremy has freakishly long eyebrows.


I can’t decide if getting our eyes checked at Costco is a good deal or not.  On the one hand, the exam and the resultant progressive bifocal glasses were amazingly cheap.  But then we spend a gargantuan amount of money on gum, toothpaste, Christmas decorations, juice boxes, thermal underwear and aluminum foil while we think about getting the largest TV known to mankind (No XL TV.  Sorry Edda.).


Jeremy shows off his red and green plaid vest that he ordered for himself for Christmas.  Who is this man?  Is this really how we amuse ourselves these days?  Apparently, the answer is yes. It is.


Edda says good night!  Good night, Edda.  Sleep well.


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