Sleepover. Blue.

Vince arranged his own sleepover last night.  Texted his friends and then they showed up at the door at 9:30 pm.  Practically my own bedtime.  Vince also made breakfast for them this morning.


We are wading through an impassable swamp to fix Edda’s wheelchair.  It is really frustrating to work with the people who are suppose to come and repair it.  We call and leave phone numbers and email addresses and don’t hear from them for weeks because they are calling us back on an old phone number that hasn’t existed for five years.  We are told that brakes will be shipped in three days because they are under warranty, but then it turns out that they aren’t under warranty but they really don’t have an idea how long the ordering will take.  And then the prescription that was written from our pediatrician to the repair place might have just said “repair wheelchair” and not “repair wheelchair and parts” so we might need to get a new prescription in order for them to order the parts, but again, no one can find the prescription to figure out what it said.  Jeremy and I are capable people, we have all the resources necessary to perform this efficiently and it’s driving us crazy.


Edda fell at school yesterday.  She hasn’t fallen in a long, long time.  Of course, when she falls, everyone feels terrible.  It’s happened on my watch, on Jeremy’s watch, on all the au pair watches and at school where there is practically one adult to every kid.  There is a dent in our own living room drywall from the last time Edda fell in our house.  It’s a tricky balance to allow Edda enough freedom to walk around and then to protect her too.


I was looking at Edda’s hands and feet today.

I’ve been better at putting lotion on Edda’s feet at night.   I just want her feet to be beautiful.  We’ve noticed that Edda’s toes and ankles are kind of permanently splayed out because she inherited my duck walk – I’m going to try to make an appointment (hopefully before the new year) to get her some AFOs (ankle-foot orthotics).  Maybe they can be like how braces work on teeth and gently move (or keep) her feet back to “normal” or just have them be less “not normal”.

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