Went to see the Harmonizers yesterday.  I think we may be outgrowing this tradition as well.  Santa was a good sport and let my heavy kids sit on his knees.  Edda’s asking for her missing guanine like she does every year (location on the X-chromosome, the long arm, not the short one, MECP2 gene, exact location: 806delG, 4th and final exon – causing frame shift and resulting in an early stop codon. I think Santa tries pretty hard every year for her, but it’s hard to find and often out of stock.)

Here we are in our Christmas glory.  Red and green all around.  Not too shabby.  I’m even wearing sequins.  And guess what?  I’m wearing it again today!

2 thoughts on “Harmonizers.”

  1. Ya know I've been feelin a little blue too but I'd only be good for one year with the Harmonizers. Then I read Noel post and I feel lazy and spoiled. But not blue. But I am still not going without and a bathroom unless I have too. Life is too short.

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