Home Coming, Windy, Damp, Cold and Lonesome

Last Friday (12/5), I flew back home to Washington State at noon time.  It was a very windy, damp and cold day (41 F).  Our house had no water (shut off to save a minimum monthly charge of ~$40.00 ?) & no heat (turned off during the Winter time intentionally).

A couple, friends of ours, were graciously enough to feed me two hot meals and asked me to stay with them, one night. I was kind of feeling of not bothering them too much.  So decided to stay in my own place.  I had two dawn blankets on top of me, a form blanket underneath me.  It was very warm indeed in a 41 F environment.  Of course, before reaching home to bed, I went to a nearby Safeway first to use their rest room.

Next morning (Saturday, 12/6), when I woke up around 4:00 AM, it was very, very cold and I rushed to Portland Airport (PDX) without any delay.  At least, it was warm there and equipped with many rest rooms.  Boy, was I glad when I was there after returning my rental car.  This airport at that moment, was the best airport that I have visited – nice, warm and with hot water.

I imagine that there was something wrong with me NOW because when I was a kid – no heat, no hot water year long. Dawn blankets?  Forget it.  Well, while staying in bed, I did feel the night was just windy, damp and cold. On top of that, I did feel lonesome 🙂 and almost called Rena (too bed her time would pass midnight, swapping geographical locations?).

Btw, in my outbound flight, I almost collect $500.00 for voluntarily yielding my seat for the next flight.  Finally the airlines thought I wasn’t that overweight.  They could take one more passenger.  In inbound flight, I turned down an offer of $300 taking the next day flight.

Also, I liked to write this blog in my house but my fingers were too numb to type.

Next year in January, I will take the same journey.  Hopefully, it will be warmer with clear sky.

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