Advent is here and so are our Advent calendars.  We have chocolate ones we got for $1.50 from IKEA and Edda has a special wooden house one that we’ve had for a few years.   Last year, we went to New Mexico, so this year is suppose to be a grand staycation year with lots of decorations at home.  Hmm.  I’m not sure that that vision going to happen, you’ll have to ask me after the 15th.  Vince’s enthusiasm for trees and decorations has peaked and now is sliding down the other side of the monomodal curve – he’s still keen on gifts, but not as keen to hang 100 ornaments.  Edda, of course, is our Buddha – fully enlightened and not needing any of this extra stuff to know what is important.

Someone sweet sent us a real wreath.  With the nice seasonal smell to go along with it.

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