I’m in bed now and I’m too lazy to go get my camera to download today’s photos, so you get only commentary today.


Vince is struggling with his Chinese class.  He gets really stressed right before exams and he was very pleased that he managed to get a C last quarter.  But now we are at almost the end of the next quarter and he’s stressed again.  He says half the kids in his class are growing up in Chinese speaking households and the other half have parents who have hired one-on-one tutoring.  I have to admit, I have not provided either amenity.  Now that my workload is lifting a little (amazing that as I slide into finals, I think that my workload is less because I don’t have to go to the hospital two days a week anymore), I think I’m going to try to help Vince out each night for 15-20 minutes.  I guess I can learn Chinese too.  My accent is so terrible and now any remnants of an authentic Chinese accent is going to be further diluted another generation.   I think they are only 200 characters in – not completely insurmountable, I suppose.


I can’t believe that Thanksgiving has turned right into December.  This is the most stressful time of the year for me.  I’m grouchy and unreasonable and generally a grinch.  I’m hope that I’m less so each year, but sometimes it’s hard to reach that goal.


Maxi is sick.  She has diarrhea from the seventy thousand treats that people fed her over Thanksgiving.  This means we are getting up in the middle of the night (once at midnight for me and once at three am for Jeremy) to take her for a walk around the neighborhood.  And her farts are really smelly.  Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Photoless.”

  1. I think one should appreciate Rena and I, at least, can learn to speak a second language – English. Far from perfect, but it works.

    I guess we have to – no other viable option in front of us. This is a big driving force for us to learn.

  2. Sorry about the holiday blues and Maxi. It does remind me of my most recent favorite post from you on Friday Novemeber 14th. "Poop so much poop" and my newest favorite bumper sticker to be, "Stool softners are your friend".

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