President Obama and I

Finally, this morning around 8:30 AM, President Obama’s schedule was published by the local radio station. Vice President (Air Force 2) and him (Air Force 1) are scheduled to land around noon.  And they will fly out separately around 4:10 PM. In between, they are going to visit the neighbor hood and highway that I am going to use to catch my flight around 4:00 PM.  Knoxville, TN has a very small dual purpose airport (civilian and military).  May be just too small for all these planes.

Therefore, I left my office around 10:00 AM and the airlines was kindly enough to change my flight to 11:30 AM without additional fee.  Guess what, the timing was pretty tight.  Therefore, without deplaned cleaning, everyone was rushed to his/her seat. The captain told us that we had the permission from the tower to take off.  Once on the runway, for some reasons, the tower changed her mind and denied us to take off.  We had to sit there for another 35 minutes just watching Air Force 2 landed and 20 minutes later, Air Force 1 finally arrived.  This is the second time I have seen Air Force 1.  The first time is in Houston while Clinton was the President.

It is good that both can come and visit a territory that overwhelmingly voted against them.  May be not just them but voted against those establishments inside the Beltway.  I kind of agree with them.  “Government is the Problem and Not the Solution” as President Reagon once said.

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