Fort Walton Beach, FL

I’m on a business trip. It’s cold here. I was expecting it to be in the 60’s or 70’s and it’s more like in the 40’s. Here’s a tropical looking photo outside my hotel room.  The Gulf of Mexico is over the sand hill towards the left. I have yet to go over said sand hill. I’ll try to do it tonight – perhaps in the rain.

Also, my friend/boss – M – got her iPhone stolen at the hotel cafe. There was only a 30 minute window in which the incident occurred. It was while the cafe was closing, and we were the only hotel guests in the cafe. Remind you that this is a beach town in the middle of winter, so nobody is staying at the hotel. Suffice to say, M was very bitter about the hotel not recovering her phone, and totally blames the staff for its disappearance. Here, she is at the local Best Buy, buy a new gold iPhone 6 for $799 + tax. 

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