Our dryer broke yesterday.  Lucky for us, we keep a spare dryer on our landing (it has been living there for at least 4 years).  Swapped them out last night and we are back in the clean clothes business.


Do you know you can get an acting job being a fake patient for nursing students?  Today we interviewed fake psych patients while our classmates looked in via installed cameras in the interview room.  They are trying to teach us to be empathetic and they grade us on how much eye contact is made and how comfortable we made the patient feel.  It’s hard to be empathic with a patient who is hallucinating.  I got the person with dementia.  Other people got bipolar, schizophrenic, PTSD, and panic attacks.  Then we critiqued each other in post-conference.


The boys are going camping this weekend.  Prep is underway.

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