We had a meeting this morning with Edda’s elementary school team and her future middle school team to talk about her transition next year.  We were able to maintain her existing physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions, we are pleased about that.  We even got a slight bump up in PT (an extra 15 minutes a week).  We brought over Edda’s new eye gaze computer and showed it to the team and to the augmentative communication specialist.  We’ll work with the school to figure out what software to buy.


I was working on patents this afternoon and the doorbell rang.  Jeremy (who was working from home b/c of the morning Edda meeting) came upstairs bearing a small rectangular box.  I asked him, what’s the box?  Did you order something?  He shrugged – I dunno he said.  I opened it and saw a white box inside and I said, hmmm, it looks like an Apple thing, maybe they sent us an extra power cord by mistake (Vince’s power cord broke on Monday and I was fuming that Apple has the audacity to charge $80 to replace it.  I have a love/hate relationship with Apple).  Then I realized that Donald surprised me with an iWatch!

I’m so not covetous of any material thing, I had no intention of ever buying a smart watch, I barely knew today was the release day.  Maybe I’d buy it when everyone else had been wearing one for years (like I did with my smartphone, I didn’t get one until the iPhone 4 came out).  But I had this incredible feeling of giddiness when I opened the package and tried it on.  A little fluttering of the heart and excitement that I hardly ever feel.  So intense and short lasting, this little rush of dopamine.  I can understand why people shop and wait in line for a long time.

Jeremy exclaimed, they are all sold out now!  You can’t get one until June now.  Then he said, I can’t believe you got a smart watch before me.

Thank you, Donald.  You make me feel like I’m hip and with it (day 1 release!) instead of a suburban mom who does all her clothes shopping with an 8 dollar price point limit.

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