Weekend without the boys…

The boys were out backpacking this weekend, so it was just me and Edda.  I cooked.  I worked.  And I took Edda places.  In the last few years, I’ve felt like I’ve been a little nervous bringing Edda places. I think I’m just a little out of practice.  Both Jeremy and Nat are so confident when they take Edda out, they’d both take her bungee cord jumping if that was what was happening.  But not me.

Maybe it’s because her mass/height is rapidly approaching mine and I’m nervous about her slipping out of my grip.  Or maybe because I think it’s too much trouble to spend all that time to get her dressed/in & out of the car/getting the wheelchair and we can’t just fly under the radar wherever we go.  I’m trying to not make it a thing or a big deal and just go and do it.  This weekend, we went grocery shopping at Giant, to Home Depot (I fixed our broken dryer for under $3) and to a three-year old’s birthday party.

We were fine.  We had fun.  I should just take Edda places on my own.  It’s not a big deal.

P. S. I love my new watch.  It is totally, entirely, utterly a non-essential item, but it is delightful.  I took a phone call on it today.  I spoke into my watch and the person on the other end spoke through my watch to me.  I tracked my run today (it’s terrible at calculating pace, but just fine on distance).  I’ve taken picture with the remote control on my iPhone.  It’s a clever little thing.

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