U Street, Washougal, WA

Rena and I like the quiet atmosphere of this small town with clean air and fresh water.  But, there is a problem.  I believe people here are basically nice but process fewer real contacts with outside world. Once a while, one will encounter something from strangers that is not too pleasant.  I guess this type of encounter is all over the world, nothing special here.  The next big town, Vancouver (WA), is much better in that respect.

After cleaning up our yard to get rid of those construction debris, we have erected three big screen wooden fences for Mom to grow flowers and veggies.  I also made the front fence more durable after the construction workers knocked them down to make room for earth removing machine.  I guess next project is to expand our deck with an easy-to-clean chicken coop attached underneath.  The deck will make special room for the clematis and rhododendron already there.

After deck is complete, electric wiring will be the next, then plumbing.  Insulation and dry wall will be contracted out.

We kind fall into our routines – swimming twice a week; alternating our dinner cooking and dish washing every other week; having senior coffee at McDonald’s and looking for a job 🙂

Btw, I like this place especially its soil – it can grow almost everything beautifully.

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