Yesterday, I went to Edda’s elementary school graduation.  I guess they call it a promotion ceremony – not a “graduation”.  It was held at Churchill HS – as a Wootton-ite, I enjoyed saying that I had never stepped foot into Churchill, but I can no longer claim that status.

Since Edda’s elementary school is not our home school, I know not a single parent at Edda’s school.

When Edda’s name was called by Maureen, she got up, with the help of Ms. W and walked across that stage and shook everyone’s hand.  All the parents, god bless them, clapped the whole time Edda made her way across the stage.  

I burst into tears.


The principal gave the graduation speech before the kids got their diploma.  She had four pieces of advice:

1. Work hard.
2. Have a good attitude.
3. Be nice.
4. Believe in yourself.

I think that’s pretty spot on.

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