Keyla, our new au pair from Argentina, is amazingly talented at doing hair.  Everyday is a new masterpiece.

Jeremy is stuck in Boston tonight.  He made the quickest trip ever, left at 5:30 am, back at 1 am tonight.

Vince helped me out today by mowing the lawn.  Halfway through, the mowed over the electrical cord and spliced it into three pieces (luckily no one was electrocuted).  He also deep friend onion rings and introduced Keyla to Ramen noodles (which she loved).

Edda went in today to do a blood draw for Lyme.  Hopefully, it’ll come back negative.  I showed Keyla the piece of paper I had to sign that said – in case insurance turns our bill down, we will charge you $785.  Keyla’s eyes widened.  You mean for two vials of blood?  Yup.  You better believe it.

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