Weekend update.


Vickey and Bert came over to spend Saturday with me and they were looking forward to having Chinese food (Rockville is the epicenter of Chinese food in the DMV).  Chinese people have an odd habit of opening very similar named restaurants close to each other or in former locations of good restaurants and we mistakenly went to a mediocre Chinese restaurant thinking it was an excellent Chinese restaurant.  We managed to pick up along the way, our neighbors Alice and Sophie.  Although the food was sub-par, the company was excellent and a good time was had by all.  I love being around toddlers who are not my toddlers.  I got to pull out all my toddler trains, toddler animals, toddler books and toddler coloring pencils.



Jeremy came home for dinner on Saturday and Vince immediately started deep frying (funnel cakes).  I do not let him deep fry when I’m the only adult at home.  I’m afraid of the two inches of insanely hot oil.


There is this viral, respiratory bug going around that is just been a doozy to kick – two little ones with Rett are in PICUs in the DC area.  I went to visit Caroline on Thursday night.  I read her some Harry Potter (who doesn’t love a few chapters of Harry Potter, even when they feel like crap) and brought some food for her mom.  It’s been a long week for C, but I know she is a strong little girl and I’m looking forward to reader her more of Harry Potter soon (not in the PICU though!).  Lots of love, miss caroline.  Feel better!



Finally, Jeremy saw Ben and Mary Ann in California.  Mary Ann is doing amazing on her new experimental immunotherapy and is feeling wonderfully well!  They are taking advantage of her new strength and going to Hawaii after Julia’s graduation from high school later this week.  What a great joy to see this happen.


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  1. Okay first of all your mom is the best Chinese cook/restaurant there is on this planet! Now why is all that paper sitting on the stove next to the funnel cake cooking??? You'd need a fire extinguisher if I were doing the cooking. I'm with you on cooking with the insanely hot oil which is why I never fry chicken anymore and leave the funnel cakes for times like when we visit the Zilker tree lighting. I'm not catholic anymore but I lit a candle for that sweet child in the hospital. It can't hurt. I know what you mean by the toddlers! I just love when I come out of yoga and the next class is the moms with babies class. It's a baby parade of fat little toes and chubby cheeks.

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