Peter Pan


Dearest loves –

We are all recuperating from a week of dad camp, it concluded last night with a barbecue dinner for all of the families who trusted Jeremy to haul their sons all over the wilderness of Maryland.  I have more photos to share from Jeremy and Vince’s Excellent Adventure, but I wanted to first highlight Edda’s performance in Peter Pan on Thursday night.  Edda was fabulous as a member of Peter Pan’s Indian tribe.  Kara did a great job as Edda’s inclusion counselor.  Keyla plaited Edda’s hair into two tight French braids.  We are very lucky to have such a great program so close to the house which means that Edda can have a summer full of swimming, theatre and friends.  Towards the end of the performance, the kids were kind of forgetting their lines and laughing at each other trying to prompt the next lines from each other.  Then Cpt. Hook, in one of the big fight scenes, sent his hook skittering across the stage which sent the whole cast into uncontrollable giggles which then made all of us in the audience laugh.  Very sweet.


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