U Street Duct Work

In order to concentrate on my drain vent work, I decided to finish our duct work first.  Basically, the original air intake now is inside the addition (circle inside the square, picture 1) which needs to be plugged in and sealed.  The other side of this intake was also plugged and sealed (white circle, picture 2).  The duct was extended to the new location (elbow, picture 3) and out (triangle, picture 3).  The original garage opening just below the new air-intake (rectangle patch) was also sealed and moved far away from the new air-intake (one of the building code requirements).  The new garage opening is now one of those rectangle glass window on the far right (not in the picture) by removing the glass and replacing with screen wires (Mom’s Idea of the Year).  This way, no new opening on any wall is needed and there is no noticeable changes.  Pretty neat!

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