Things that I’m doing.


I bought Edda a few bras last week.  It was time, she’s starting middle school in a few weeks.  Can I figure out a way to freeze time?  I want neither my children nor my parents to get any older.  I don’t really care about myself, I’m perfectly fine with getting older.  I know that would be weird.  But really, everyone is the perfect age right now!  OK, maybe if you asked my mom and dad, they might think ten years ago would have been the perfect age.


Edda’s pediatrician called to follow up with her Lyme disease.  There are certain things with which the Internet is of no use and Lyme disease is one of them.  I can not sort out the crazy from the not-crazy.  All I have is the CDC.  I’m clinging to the CDC – hopefully they are not filled with crazies, but they were a little behind with the protective gear with Ebola, but whatever.  And I also feel this acute resistance to checking anything about it online because I just want to stick my fingers in my ears and go “la-la-la, I can’t hear you”.  Of course, the first question that the pediatrician asks is if she is symptomatic.  Is she fatigued, do her joints hurt?  These simple questions, for me, are essentially unanswerable and I could just put them in the same catagory as questions like, “what is the meaning of life?”.  I’ve been getting texts from Edda’s camp counselor every couple of days saying that she’s tired and sleepy in the afternoon.   I get these kind of texts all the time.  For years.  From all the people.  Now I get these texts and think, crappy, she’s got Lyme.  It’s going to invade her brain and then she’s going to have two crappy things happening to her brain.  Anyways, the pediatrician and I came up with a plan!  We have a plan!  I’m going with the plan and it will be OK.  Or it will just be.

(update: Edda’s counselor just texted me – she had a fantastic day today!  Relief. Now maybe she doesn’t have Lyme.)


I’m buying myself a brand-new water heater today.  I feel very lucky to have hot water.  Jeremy will be pleased – we got a brand-new super-duper-efficient power-vent 75-gallon water heater.  The plumber apologized and said that we could have gotten the job done for 20% less about three months ago before the new EPA efficiency rules kicked in.  I laughed and said, oh I’m sure my husband helped put those rules in place, we are happy to pay the extra 20%.  Well, Jeremy is 100% pleased, but me?  I’m half pleased – the more virtuous half of me is happy, the more stingy half of me is not really pleased.

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