This week, I went to the office for the first time in a long time.  I met my friend Andy for lunch and I gave him my copy of “The Martian” that I read earlier this summer where a guy gets stuck on the Martian surface and has to figure out a way to get home – he ends up doing a lot of chemisty and botany and navigational calculations.  He was reading a book about the history of the number e.   We are such dorks.


Today I had lunch with Eliana and Keyla.  Eliana spoke with Keyla during the au pair selection process 6 months ago to tell her about Edda and Vince and to tell her what living with us was like, but they hadn’t yet met in real life.  I wanted to take them to have Indian food – but both of them said it was going to be too spicy and they preferred to have regular American food.  The au pair program has been wonderful for us, I feel very motherly to these young ladies and, in return, they have cared for and loved my kids.  We make a very odd set of girlfriends though, each one of us in a different phase of adult life, all from different countries – I could see that the waitress was trying to figure out exactly how we were all friends.


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