Oh, Talking about Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations for the 17th Wedding Anniversary!

Oh, talking about wedding anniversary.  the past August 22nd was our 45 years wedding anniversary. That morning at 10:00 AM, we just debarked from our cruise ship at Long Beach, CA and drove home. In the evening, we stopped at Willows, CA (a bit north of SF) for the night.

To celebrate, we decided to stay in a relatively better hotel – Best Western and, of course, with a discount coupon picked up at McDonalds restaurant several miles away along the road.

It is small town.  And Mom picked a local Chinese restaurant for dinner.  Since we ordered more food and had a cooler with us, for the next two days, we had our left over food at home.

Note:  I finished all the water (cold and hot) lines as well as the above-floor vent lines in our new addition.  The tub, shower and vanity drains are also in place.

Now, the drain lines underneath the floor need to be done and it is the most difficult part due to the elevation drop requirements (1/4″ per foot), I-beam penetrations and available working space (some areas have less than a foot height).  Sometimes, I feel I am a half mole 🙂



A fitting end to summer, Vince went to Calvin’s 11th birthday party today and met up with Ben where they played laser tag and arcade games.


Vince finished both his math packets and reading packets.



Yesterday was our 17th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by watching the opening scene of Eat, Drink, Man, Woman and reminisced about our wedding banquet.   Jeremy is missing his wedding ring.  We are hoping to find it again soon.



Here you go – Edda’s laugh.

End of summer.


Today is the last day of summer!  I’m so excited for the kids to go back to school and for the regular schedule to fall back into place.  The past two weeks have seen our work schedules compressed because Edda’s not in camp and our childcare hours diminish.  Jeremy usually ends up going into work an hour late, I end work early and all the errands I usually can fit in in the middle of the day eat into my work day and then I have to shift some hours to the weekend and blah, blah, blah.   So boring!  Who cares?  No one.

Jeremy and I have different perspectives on this summer – Jeremy will tell you it was a fabulous summer and I will tell you it was stressful and it seemed like I could never catch my breath. This is the fundamental difference in our personalities.  Jeremy only remembers the good stuff, I only remember the stressful stuff.  Really, the summer was wonderful, the stressful stuff was just the regular stressful stuff which I feel silly to even complain about.


Our neighbor rented this bobcat to move a lot of dirt around on his property.  All week, we’ve watched him drive it around his front yard and his back yard.  Today I asked if we could try to drive it around – here’s Vince taking it for a test drive.  We’ve spent some time thinking of all the feline names we could think of: lion, tiger, bobcat, cheetah, puma, leopard, jaguar, cougar.  To me, besides the lion and the tiger, the rest are all the same animal.  Except the cheetah which is the fastest.  Hmm.  I guess I need to add mountain lion to the list too.



I’m trying to practice my French braiding skillz.  Inspired by Keyla, I’m trying to do Edda’s hair with more effort and care on the weekends when I’m on hair duty.  I don’t know why it’s taken this many years to feel embarrassed about Edda’s weekend hair.  I think it’s because Keyla’s abilites are so jaw dropping that the difference between Edda’s weekend hair and weekday hair was getting to be just too much.  It’s like if you ate only creme brulee on the weekdays and on the weekends had half a dog biscuit.  Keyla taught me the most important trick which is to wet the hair before plaiting.  The wetness helps one grip all the different strands and also prevents flyaways when it dries.


When Jeremy and I got married, he was the more talkative one.  I was the quieter one.  But over the course of our marriage, I’ve gotten more talkative and Jeremy less?  Kind of.   Sometimes at parties, I talk more because I think I’ve gotten better at making small talk and Jeremy doesn’t like making small talk, he likes talking about energy policy or transportation policy.  Anyways, this Saturday, we hosted a party and then went to a party where I thought we’d wouldn’t at all talk policy, but it turned out that at both parties, Jeremy spent hours talking about biofuels and driverless cars.  I actually sat there and was baffled that we were going to head into the 2nd hour of (both!) parties with all participants gung ho about energy policy (except me).  The first party, I excused myself to try to talk Edda into a taking a nap (she didn’t nap).  The 2nd party, I excused myself to go for a swim (she napped).



Our neighbor is replacing his driveway.  On his own.  Total DIY.  He rented that bobcat and asked if he could run over our lawn with it.  We said OK.  Maybe tomorrow I will ask him if I can drive the bobcat.  Sometimes I pat myself on the back for replacing a toilet or fixing some drywall, but I would never think to replace a driveway by myself.  Props to him!



We had a baby over for dinner tonight.  The dogs were delighted to have a steady stream of chili dog droppings fall to the floow.


Our Cruise to Pacific Mexico

After family re-union, Rena and I visited Pacific Mexico by cruise.  We visited three cities and, we think, they are much cleaner than their border towns and Atlantic Mexico.

We had a wonderful time.  After that, I drove back to Washougal, WA directly from Long Beach, CA with only one hotel stop.  This may be the first time I think the driving is too long.  May be my age is finally catching up on me 🙂

Note:  The arch is near very south end of Baja California.

We also went to see “Cliff Diving”.