Last Piece of Work for U Street, This Year

It will take a day or two to finish all the plumbing rough-in work for our new addition.  Yesterday, I inserted several test caps (a small plastic disk to seal off pipe) for drainage on each open-end of our piping system which includes two tie-in(s) to our existing piping system.  After all piping are ready, I am going to fill the whole system with water from the roof top vent opening until it overflows. Hopefully, there is no leak and, then, I will request for inspection.

After all these work, my thought on my degree of difficulties are: 1) no prior working experience; no accumulative tribal knowledge.  2) no appropriate professional tools ready for use.  Some of them are pretty expensive and there is no point to buy a tool just use once or even several times.  And the tools that I have are just for amateurs.  They don’t last long and not too effective too.  3) bad estimated on material takeoff. and lastly 4) no extra spare parts available – spent a lot of time just to chase down a single material part.

This will be our last piece of our scheduled work on new addition.  And it is a very valuable experience for me, personally and for Rena too, I think.  Will wait until next year to do the rest, mostly by contractors.  Mom also can’t wait for me to do some yard work for her, such as trim the trees, haul more dirt, make the walk-way prettier, etc.  Also, without my daily work on addition, Mom would like me to do the dishes everyday 🙂

Anyway, I guess it is time to winding down all this physical activities this year and ready to take a trip to visit Korea, China and Hong Kong next month in October.

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  1. I did test a small section of the separated drain pipe system this morning. It had a small leak at elbow join which I need to fix. But before fixing, I would like to test the other much larger section of the drain pipe system tomorrow 🙂 And fix the whole system at once if needed.

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