With all the major inspections done, and before I put the tile floor and tile for the bath, I think it is time for the contractors to do the insulation and drywall next year.  But not yet, the addition needs to have heating capability first with or without cooling.

I thought a separate portable unit will do.  But, according to the city inspector(s), it requires a fixed equipment.  So, we look into ductless heating and cooling system, the equipment, which consists a air handling unit mounted on the interior wall, a condensing unit out site and pipes connecting two together, costs ~US$1,000.00.  But, with complete installation, it raises the price to ~US$4,000.00. Pretty pricing.  we don’t think we are going to spend this amount of money just for that.

To buy the equipment and install yourselves isn’t hard, but it needs a lot of additional installation and testing equipment which  we don’t have.

Therefore, yesterday, I studied our existing one with capability of 86,000 BTUh which is more than enough to heat (no cooling for the house yet) the increased total area of ~2,800 ft.ft (2,346 ft.ft + 400 ft.ft).  As a matter of fact, it will only use up 78% of the total capacity.

Okay, but the existing duct needs to be extended to the addition underneath the floor.  Too bad, I have to visit CRAWL SPACE again 🙁

For coming Winter, mom and I are trimming the trees, tidy the yard and put up more fences to fend off deer at back of the our yard.  The deer here are pretty friendly with people.  They never runs away from us, just staring us with curiosity – too bad too.

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