Walk Way Along the Addition

Mom started a new project – walkway along the addition.  This time, we decided to built it on the cheap.  All the materials are left-over(s) or defected ones which are 70% off the marked price.  This wood is always painted with a purple strip.  But after cutting and choosing, it is as good as a new one, especially with a piece only 36″ (standard walkway width) long.  
When defected material runs out, I will stop building and waiting for the those materials show up in the store again.
For safety, I curtained off this area with a red tape (3rd picture) to remind Mom that this is an area with un-even surface (picture two) which may pose tripping hazard.

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  1. Guess what, I think we were lucky today. Home Depot has a lot of 70% off 4"x4"x12' which can be used as rails. We bought a lot of them with discount price.

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