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I’ve had some upper back pain for a few weeks now and I’ve been trying to ignore it.  I didn’t really notice it most of the time, until I tried to change lanes on the freeway (during the day) or I wanted to see what time it was on the clock located behind my head (in the middle of the night) and then a sharp pain would radiate down my neck and along the right edge of my spine.


I went to see George, the acupuncturist, who in the span of ten minutes quickly twisted my back into at least six different configurations and levered his bodyweight against my spine.  It was incredibly painful.  He just kept repeating, don’t be scared, don’t be scared.  I was scared.   But today I feel much better.

I’m trying not to be scared, but sometimes I just am.


We used to have a smaller neighborhood Chinese grocery market until the Great Wall mega-supermarket moved a couple blocks away from it.  I did the not-so-Chinese thing and kept shopping at the old market even though I knew it was being sucked dry by the new-shiny market.  My excuse was that the small store still had my favorite frozen dumplings and the big store didn’t carry my favorite brand, I had looked.  The small store is gone now. And I had been mistaken, the big store does carry the good dumpling brand, I guess I didn’t look hard enough before.


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  1. It is a little scary sometimes to me how what you write on this blog can be so close to what I may be experiencing at the same moments in my own life. Or maybe it is just what I need.I am a big believer in everything happening for a reason. I really am never sure but this blog being such an open forum, (as close to Facebook as I'll ever get) it is weirdly comforting because I think other people who read here must experience the same feelings from time to time. You just express them so,so much better than most people.

    On a different note, take Vince and yourselves to see "The Martian". Josh read the book loved it, gave it to Scott who reads so slowly. But almost overnight finished it. I knew it would be too technical to read first so saw I cheated and saw the movie. Really entertaining. Except for Kristen Wiig. Hmmm on that casting choice.

  2. I HATE Leaving comments (gets me in trouble) but I had to say I LOVED starting the morning with the photos of
    beef heart, etc. So graphic and so delightful. I don't cook (much) so it was more like a visual tour of the grocery store.

  3. Not everyone knows acunpuncture as they claim. Is George the neighbor at Softwind? He is a nice person but his training is in carpenter. I would not let him to do anything with my back.

    My experience on this (it may help) is sleeping on firmer bed, floor is better for me.

  4. So many comments!

    It warms my heart sherah that my little blog is meaningful to you. It means a lot to me that you read everyday.

    As far as the Martian, Jeremy and Vince saw it opening night. I'm waiting to see it with my parents!

    Ruth – let's go grocery shopping sometime!

    Dad – I didn't go to George the carpenter. I went to George the acupunturist. He can fix anything in my body. I trust him.

  5. Doris,

    This is mom. I had similar problem at your eve. I saw a specialist. He asked mr to use a cylinders type pillow and some excessive. After a month of exersice, the sharp pain is gone. But I still doing these exersice so once in a while. I use the cylinder the pillow all the time. I still have the copy of the excessive I will make a copy for you when I be back.

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