Are We Getting Better or Just Using Political Correctness to Cover?

Are we getting better or just using political correctness to cover?  I think the latter is true.  This is an useful tool used by those elite and establishment to cover and justify what they are doing and, in the meaning time, taking advantage of the general public.

Here, just posting a few questions to reflect upon:

1) Our country’s economic is improving. Right? But, ask regular folks on the street.  Majority of them don’t think so.

2) Is our race relationship getting better?  A lot of people, on all sides (White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc.), don’t think so.  It is just getting better on what one can see, but, not on what one can feel and dwell upon. Inequality of our society is everywhere and is prevailing in secrecy.

3) We consider ourselves is the guardian of human rights by all accounts.  Yet, we have an unarmed youngest got killed by 100+ bullets while walking.

4) Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Bill Cosby probably have been on the same boat for a long, long time. I am very sympathetic indeed.  But, just wondering what they stand for and stand up for women’s rights?

5) Why both political parties convention rules are so undemocratic in our supposedly democratic society? Yes, as far as voting is concerned, we are very democratic. And, after voting, things are far from transparent and democratic as advertised.

6) The other day, teachers of the school district of Detroit threatens to go on strike if no satisfying raise is coming.  It already is the 4th highest paid school district in our nation.  Yet with its dismal graduation and attending college records one should pause, wonder and ask.  And if it is asked, because it is run by a black majority, is it a racist comment?  Detroit School District is not alone.Congress is even worse – doing nothing but raising their salary by themselves every time and all the time.  There is no check in place.

In short, I don’t believe a lot of things said by Donald Trump.  But, I am definitely going to vote for him in order to shake up the status quo – good, better, best, bad, worse or worst.  Doesn’t matter.  Just like President Obama said we need “CHANGE” – discard Political Correctness and say what it really is.

In conclusion, I think I am a very moderate person.  But let those elite and establishment classify me as a white, male, uneducated, poor and disgruntled person 🙂 

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