Spring break road trip #2.

Sorry – everything is out of order as we are getting photos from three sources to the Flickr account.  Easter morning, we took Edda swimming and tried out the hotel swivel seat.  I’m always impressed when hotels have these things.  Edda also went hot tubbing.


We went Easter egg hunting on the Haverford campus.  Jeremy hid the eggs and then the kids were off to find the chocolate.


(These photos were taken by the big expensive camera.  You can totally tell.  Sigh.  I want the big, expensive camera to fit in my pocket.)



Keyla was rewarded with the golden egg!


That evening, we did visit Vidya.  Vidya and Jeremy show off the frozen sweet options for our friend Dave who is reviewing all sorts of ice cream flavors.  Vidya & Dave are the smartest people I know.  You just toss them some complicated math thing and they can throw the answer right back at you without pencil and paper.  They were what I had before I had Google.  Me?  I gotta take a few minutes and re-figure out Vince’s algebra homework.


Monday morning, I headed back to Rockville.  Via a bus from the hotel (1 hour) to Philly.


Then the megabus (4 hours, Philly -> union station), then the metro (1 hour, union station -> rockville), then walking home (20 minute).  Made it home for under $30.


Meanwhile, the rest of them headed to Bard.  There is a pull/push for where to stop on the road trip.  Jeremy and I would like to go to historical sites and read all the signs.  The kids want to go to the mall, especially if the mall right next to the hotel is billed as the largest mall in the US based on lease-able space and has the largest Target on the east coast.


And it turned out the historical sites are closed.


And they made it to Bard by Monday night.


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