Flowers to start off a nice day.  Edda, Jeremy and I went to Whole Food to see if we could snag some free samples.  We did not.


Jeremy then started biking from the WF lot headed to a lunch-time party in Alexandria.


While Edda and I went home, put the groceries away and headed to the party via minivan.  We met up with Jeremy to attend the famous Johns’s Memorial Day bash!


Then we headed back home where Jeremy made more food, chicken on a beer can.


2 thoughts on “Monday.”

  1. Oooh I love beer can chicken! Not sure if you've tried them but you might shop online for shoes for Edda at Zappos. I think they had pretty wide sizes. Give Ruby a pat on the head for me. She wouldn't like it right now. As Stevie Ray sings, "it's floodin' down in Texas"……

  2. Hi sherah!!!!

    Yeah, those shoes are like EEEE wide. There aren't many high-heels in that width. Ruby says hello too. Hope those new-ish drains on the side of the house are doing their duty!

    Keep dry.


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