Try try again.


When I was younger, I was keen on doing something and then crossing it off the list and then moving onto the next thing.  I never wanted to do the same thing over and over again.  Every chore was a chore.  Every obligation an obligation.

Now I try to enjoy doing the exact same thing over and over again, with almost no expectation of success or forward accomplishment.  Feed Edda, use bib to wipe her mouth.  Cajole Vince into doing daily Chinese vocab.  Pick up trash around the house.  Mow lawn.  Wipe table.  Put away shoes. Work.  Work some more.  Negotiate with Jeremy logistics of the week.  Pick up dog poop.  Invite friends over.  Fight.  Make up.  Argue again.  Make up again.  Pay bills.  Go for a walk.  Get too tired, sad, angry, happy, excited and then all over again.  Then do all that again.

Look at the weeds that have grown up around the side of the house.  I hate weeding.  But I will weed.  And I will try to like weeding.  And I know in another 5 weeks, I’ll have to weed again.  And I’ll try to like weeding again.

One thought on “Try try again.”

  1. That is the life all about those. Some one has to do those at home. Do it happily and keep mind occupied. I treat those chores as practicing a meditation. Do house chores will help people to have better health and living longer.

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