Edda’s first day of camp.  It’s the first year Edda’s going to the all-special needs section at Camp JCC (ages 12-21).  More hugs to parents and their kiddos at drop-off this morning, little squeezes of the hands that are not so small anymore (kids) and hugs to parents (who, like us, are more wrinkled).  We are lucky, lucky to be able to send Edda to camp.  I forgot to pack towels for Edda, so I’ll need to switch to the bigger backpack.

I’m learning how to do Edda’s hair.  I’m still trying to just do two plaits down each side, tight and neat.  Kayla taught me the first trick, to wet the hair, which I do.  But I still need practice and I need to watch some more youtube videos.  But this hair came home pretty much intact.


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