Music this week:

Music that I’m listening to this week:

Good old JT.  Fun song:

Meghan Trainor – Me Too.  Heard this first in the car and I was a little turned off despite the cute beat, when she said “If I was you, I’d wanna be me too, I’d wanna be me too” but this video gives it cuteness.

I laughed at this song which is funny,  love a rap song talking about saving money in a 401K.  Video is slightly raunchy, please overlook.

I ain’t parkin’ that unless the meter green, homie 
Hair cut several months in-between, homie 
Hit the motherfuckin’ lights when I leave, homie 
Single ply TP ass bleed 
Air B&B the mother fucker, least I’m never there 
I’m not in Cali, why the fuck my company in Delaware? 
Happy hour takin’ out the chicken, I don’t even care 
That applies to both dating and wings 
Peep matinees phone bill got the motherfuckin’ fam on it 
401k rollin’ over bands on it 
Coppin’ sweaters in the summer with the sale on it 
The fuck you rappers bragging bout? You overpay for it

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