I’ve been battling a low-level UTI for 5 days now.  I could almost kind of ignore it, so I did.  I ignored it and did all the things that I needed to do and sometimes I could even forget about it.  I did a full day of clinical and met all sorts of people in section 8 housing, I did all my work, went to class, I managed the start of school for the kids, trained a new helper for Edda, I did all the workouts I wanted to do and I drank a lot of water.  It didn’t go away, but I kept telling myself, it’s so mild -you can barely feel it.  But I did feel it.  And I went to the doctor today who scolded me for not coming in earlier and getting the script for cipro.  I told her that I didn’t like seeing her.  Not that I didn’t like her personally (because I do really like my PCP), but I just hated going to see her and I hoped that she understood.  Also, I have this thing about antibiotics, I don’t like that they are overprescribed because I want them to work when I really need them to work – like for kids with pneumonia who can’t clear their airway effectively or for people who have (for whatever reason) have suppressed immune systems – so I try to do my part and slog through trying to coax my own immune system to do its thing and work it out. To which the doc said – you tried!  For 5 days!  It wasn’t until I was waiting in line to get the antibiotics that I admitted to myself how crappy I felt.  Then I went home and took the med and told myself that I’ll just lay down for a minute and then before I knew it, it was 1pm.  I took the rest of the day off sick.  I feel better now after a six hour nap and some antibiotics.  It’s not just the recovery from the UTI, sometimes I just need a break from taking care of stuff.  Sometimes I want someone to take care of me.  MEEEE!!!  ha ha ha.  sigh.  

While I was waiting for the script to fill, I went to Levande, our local new French bakery run by Koreans.  I had an almond croissant.  It was quite good even though Vince said this picture made them look like poop.


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  1. Okay you are one tough woman! My dads hospice doc told me that HER mom asked her to never use heroic measures or anything that would prolong her life. Her mom ended up with a bladder infection and that is what she basically died from Doris. Dramatic I know. But also telling but go to the doc next time sooner. You are no good to anyone if you end up in the hospital.

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