My (very nice and very patient) father has agreed to come to the house everyday at 5pm to tutor Vince in Chinese and math.  It was originally just for Chinese, but then it did occur to me that I could throw math into the deal and then I’d only have to do English (my weakest subject, but at least it’s my native language).  Vince is amused and last night told me Dad’s obsession about the right-hand rule / Cartesian coordinates and then I was like – oh yeah, I totally remember Dad teaching me the right-hand rule at about the same age.  I’m working upstairs, but I do go downstairs and check up on the two of them – make sure they aren’t goofing off because they are a pair of goofballs.  I come downstairs and my dad is patiently teaching Vince all the bad words in Chinese.  I guess that was bound to happen.

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