IEP, ice hockey, drills.


On Friday, Jeremy and I went to Edda’s school for the annual IEP meeting.  Individual Education Program? Planning?  Anyways, we went in confident and happy.  Gone (for now, who knows about the future) are the days where I’d have to clear the whole day after the meeting to just cry and feel sorry for myself.  Edda’s happy = I’m happy.  Edda’s team at Cabin John are professional and caring and are working on goals that are appropriate for Edda.  I especially love her OT who is working on hand grabbing and releasing – mainly with food as a motivator.  We’ve seen it a few times at home, where Edda’ll grab a forkful of food and put it to her mouth.  Edda’s working in the cafeteria loading bags of chips into a machine? or into a rack?  All teachers and therapists say that she’s more willing to work on her goals this year as opposed to last year where she would pull her hands away, or fall asleep or give them the side eye glare.   Goals and progress – Edda’s taught me that there is honor in getting up everyday and trying and then not making very much progress and then getting up again and trying again.  What’s that line about imagining Sisyphus happy?  Oh yes, Camus.  Hmmm, maybe he’s not the most cheerful guy?…oh well.


After the meeting we went to Montgomery Mall food court for lunch.  We were there at the same time as Churchill’s open lunch.  I could not stop looking at the ice hockey team. Twelve guys, dressed up in ties (an away game?) and with their varsity jackets on.  Those guys are Vince’s age, and really, they look so handsome, such young men.  What happened to our children?  What is happening to us? I’m so far from that age now – did we look that way when we were 16 hanging out at the mall?  Full of confidence and youthfulness?  I guess so.  I can’t really believe it.



Dad’s double drills were delivered a few days ago.


He promptly went to work building this stand:


For his very own beer fridge.  He intends to also put sliced ham and cheese in it to make himself a ham and cheese sandwich whenever he wants to.


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