Not turkey, pork chops, tomorrow’s mystery dinner.


Let’s continue with dinner as a theme for this week.  Tonight, not turkey!  Pork chops, thank goodness.  The package came with only four pork chops, but we have five mouths to feed (Adriana is here on Wed nights), so Jeremy sliced the chops into strips.

What should I cook tomorrow night?  Hmmmm….

2 thoughts on “Not turkey, pork chops, tomorrow’s mystery dinner.”

  1. Oh boy doesn't the paper mail pile up. I still much to our son's chagrin pay many bills this way. Thank goodness for the catalogs. It's my way of shopping without buying anything. I just like to look.

  2. The internet billing is not so bad. But I do like paper. I still like correcting writing on paper and print out most things. I don't do catalogs though, I'm an internet window-shopper. 🙂

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