Hole in sweatshirt, bike, grilled cheese.


Back to the grind, it was pouring rain here most of the day, so it wasn’t the best day ever weather-wise to haul ourselves out of bed earlier than usual.  During break, Edda was up every day (her usual) at 5, 5:30 am.  The grown-ups took turns getting up at 5, 5:30 am or luxuriously sleeping in until 7:30 (one day I slept in until 8 am (glorious!), but that turned around and bit me in the ass when I couldn’t fall asleep the next night).  Vince often didn’t come out of his room until noon.

Here’s Vince 5 minutes after he woke up and 5 minutes before getting into a car.  He came looking for me to sew a small hole in his sweatshirt.  I’m like, huh?  You gotta leave in 5 minutes and I’m in the middle of my most productive time at work (6:30 am – 8:30 am), you just gotta leave me alone.  And you’ve had that sweatshirt hole for at least a month.


Jeremy sent Edda off to school in the new orange wheelchair and then did a bike workout in which he watched a video of some other person riding a bike (I found this odd).



Gong-gong came by in the afternoon for Chinese lessons and he ate some of my pepper-jack cheese and didn’t ask me at all to buy outdated electronic equipment from Amazon.  (True story:  In the past week, I’ve ordered Dad a corded phone & a 1.44 MB floppy disk reader).


Gong gong also ordered Max around and gave her some treats.



Edda had a nice day today, all smiles and laughs when she came home.  Jeremy made all grilled cheese sandwiches for us for dinner tonight.


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